Alison is a highly skilled and passionate marketing specialist with over 20 years’ experience within the automotive industry. She has controlled multi-million pound budgets for many years and has demonstrated efficiencies and savings over this time.

Alison understands the value of data and through profiling and segmentation has driven retention and increased engagement in an increasingly competitive market place. She is a strategic and analytical thinker who uses sales and marketing metrics to deliver strategic solutions and business needs.

She has a customer-centric approach and realises the importance of all touchpoints in delivering a single view customer strategy both online and offline during the customer’s ownership cycle.  Alison has delivered multiple integrated campaigns for product launches as well as ongoing loyalty campaigns, and the clever use of data innovation combined with strategic marketing solutions and original quality creative has resulted in increased ROI as well as increased sales and response rates. She has also been involved in the creation and development of branding as well as tone of voice and copy guidelines. When it comes to marketing, Alison has pretty much been involved in all areas over the past 20 years.

She has worked with a number of agencies and led teams to success over the years as well as working on global projects, and her strategic thinking and results have seen her work being recognised as a benchmark for other countries.