Nostrum Group is a fast growing, award winning, FinTech company providing disruptive automated loan management software that enables finance companies to adopt a completely digital lending model.

Established in 2001, the firm has experienced 137% revenue growth since the end of 2012 and is now working with some of the biggest financial and retail brands in the world.

Already clear on the business growth strategy, Nostrum’s board recognised the need for a strategically aligned and professionally delivered B2B brand and marketing strategy to support the next stage of evolution.

Whitecap was appointed in August 2014 to lead the development and implementation of this strategy.

“Working with Whitecap brought focus and clarity to our strategic marketing and delivered demonstrable results. At a time when we are experiencing major growth pressures we found there to be significant benefits in using experienced and independent external resources to ensure our brand and marketing plans supported and were not compromised by surges in demand for our services.”
Richard Carter, Chief Executive, Nostrum Group

"Working with Whitecap brought focus and clarity to our marketing and delivered demonstrable results."
Richard Carter, Chief Executive, Nostrum Group

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