Whitecap works with executives, boards and investors of predominantly mid-sized organisations, typically with a turnover of c£10m-£300m, helping clients analyse, develop and implement growth strategies.

Our services are not location-specific, as we have national and international clients, however, we are acutely aware that to support clients and work with other advisors, it is important to be present and active within a particular location and / or geography.

As a result, we now operate across three regions: Yorkshire & North East, North West and Midlands & South; and have offices in five cities: Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Newcastle.

Our sector agnostic Service Lines can be categorised into eight key focus areas, these include: Business Strategy, M&A, Commercial Proposition and Performance, support Investment Case, Market Entry and Development, Marketing Strategy, Tech, Data and Operational Strategy. As a result, we work with a range of organisations operating within numerous market sectors and in multiple locations.

In addition, we also have six main Practice Areas, each lead by a Director where we have deeper market expertise including: Consumer, Retail & Leisure, FinTech, Technology & Innovation, Corporate Finance & PE, Education and Manufacturing & Engineering.

Service Lines

Helping organisations grow effectively and profitably is a consistent theme across all client assignments. This can be over a 3-month planning horizon to support high growth firms become established, or with a particular initiative, event or transaction. Or this can be over a 3-year planning horizon to address issues of long-term business strategy.

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Practice Areas

In addition to general strategic analysis, development and delivery skills and experience across multiple market sectors, the Directors at Whitecap Consulting also each have an area of particular interest; a Practice area.

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