SBD Automotive is based in Milton Keynes, with offices in Japan, USA, India, China and Germany. The business is a globally recognised and market leading security consulting & research specialist in the automotive industry. It has been operating for nearly 20 years and is working with manufacturers, suppliers, associated industries and governments in more than 70 countries.
SBD Automotive Whitecap Consulting

SBD continues to develop its expertise and focuses on issues and risks emerging from connected and autonomous cars and the associated rise in cybercrime. The business is working on an industry-wide response for its clients, supported by the in-depth knowledge of its people.

SBD wanted independent IT consultancy support to advise on how to develop a co-ordinated IT infrastructure that meets current needs and allows SBD to grow into new markets and deliver new products.

Whitecap Consulting was approached to assist SBD Automotive with a review of its IT architecture and strategy to ensure a group-wide and secure coordination of systems, activities, data flows and customer engagement while improving the management revenue streams and costs centres.

A key emphasis was on the creation of three defined strategic objectives:

  • Streamlined and coordinated business systems, including CRM, project management and financial systems.
  • Improved customer engagement covering online portals, websites and CRM.
  • Develop the framework for a globally accessible database for collating, sharing, collaboration and analysing of research data.

The outcome of this engagement created a basis for a tightly coordinated and phased delivery of these objectives to all territories to streamline the user experience, improve customer engagement, create new revenue opportunities, improve financial reporting, increase overall productivity and achieve significant cost savings.

“Whitecap has clarified our requirements and provided a great platform for us to progress to the next stage of our infrastructure renewal programme.”
Gareth Jones, COO, SBD Automotive

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