The Dudley Building Society has been serving the needs of Black Country savings and mortgage customers for 160 years.

Today, the Society is responding to a rapidly changing market with the development of eSavings and mortgage distribution through intermediaries; it was the first Society to move to 100% broker distribution.

Following discussions with the PRA, the Board and the Executive team were keen strengthen their strategy and strategic planning process. This also provided clarity for target product markets, technology investments, competence and people development. As a result the Society continues to perform well with a clear focus.

“Having given the team a difficult brief – to write up a strategy for us in about 10-12 weeks – the pace and quality of Whitecap’s outputs were outstanding. Not once did we have to go back to the beginning. In such a short space of time we have a strategy which already our people can see as a reflection of us and it will help enable us to focus and grow efficiently over the coming years.”

– Jeremy Wood, CEO, Dudley Building Society

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