Unisys is a global information technology company that provides a diverse range of IT services, software, and technology to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets.

Being a key player in the technology sector, Unisys has built up a strong track record in financial technology, with a core strength in infrastructure but also having successfully operated with some of the more recent digital developments such blockchain and biometrics.

Although already well established in financial services, Unisys identified a requirement to evaluate its proposition in the digital banking space. Unisys was particularly focused on the opportunities offered by omni-channel banking and innovation from FinTech, and was looking for guidance and clarity on how to better position, present and operate in their market.

“As part of a global strategy review, we had identified a requirement to explore and evaluate our current and future digital banking proposition. We needed to complete a strategically valuable exercise supported by high quality documentation in a short space of time – something we knew the Whitecap team could deliver.”
Simon Healy, Industry Director, Financial Services EMEA

Whitecap was asked to develop a clear and perceivable market proposition for Unisys, directly relevant to FinTech and omni-channel banking, and changes in consumer behaviour.

The aim for Unisys was to establish themselves as the ‘go-to’ provider to banks and FinTech suppliers, by mapping out an ecosystem that Unisys could be at the heart of.

“We spent time fully understanding Unisys’ current market position and internal resource by interviewing senior people in different sectors around omni-channel markets, this gave us a broader understanding of what Unisys has to consider when developing its proposition.”
Stefan Haase, Director, Whitecap Consulting.

Whitecap undertook extensive market research to understand the key factors around the market proposition, such as; omni-channel optimisation, consumer behaviour, and competition/industry wide trends in the financial services and FinTech sectors.

“Unisys required a fast-paced but highly structured project that clearly identified their position in the market and highlighted opportunities to capitalise on their current resources and capabilities in the digital banking space. Analysing current and future market trends, we were able to give Unisys strategic input within tight timeframes to help develop their plans around creating a digital ecosystem”
Julian Wells, Director, Whitecap Consulting.

“Whitecap cut through a complex and disruptive market environment and delivered clear and actionable recommendations.”
Simon Healy, Industry Director, Financial Services EMEA

In February 2017, Unisys announced Elevate, a cutting edge, omni-channel digital banking platform for financial institutions.

“Whitecap cut through a complex and disruptive market environment and delivered clear and actionable recommendations.”
Simon Healy - Industry Director, Financial Services EMEA

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