H E Barnes is a Sheffield-based, electrical and mechanical services contractor with over 90 years-experience.

Having achieved significant business growth over the previous 3 years, the business wanted to ensure that a 5-year business plan was developed to put the right structure in place to facilitate sustained growth. HE Barnes also needed to ensure the business created a basis upon to make further plans and decisions.

Whitecap was brought in to support the senior leadership team in developing this growth strategy. Our work was broken down into five stages:

Stage 1:

We began with a current review of the client’s business plan examining how it met stakeholder expectations, had appropriate targets and objectives and aligned to the ISO 9001 quality management system standard – which the business was in the process of being certified for.

Stage 2:

Whitecap then conducted a thorough market analysis exercise that examined external socio-economic trends, customer trends, competitive factors and internal resources and capabilities. From here we analysed the key market opportunities and compared this against previous strategic plans and objectives. Working with the leadership team, Whitecap helped assess whether these new market opportunities were suitable against the client’s current expectations and capabilities.

Stage 3:

Having carried out the various analysis exercises and having gathered the inputs from key stakeholders, we then focused on the articulation of the business plan in conjunction with the senior team. We examined how the plan would be translated into specific annual targets and objectives for all functions and management levels across the business, which would be monitored, measured and reviewed on a periodical basis.

Stage 4:

Whitecap supported the implementation of the new business plan by managing specific aspects such as the IT and sourcing strategy. This consisted of reviewing and analysing the current situation in terms of technologies, suppliers, and user behaviour, as well as managing a competitive tendering process to select and implement a suitable Enterprise Planning Solution (ERP).

Stage 5:

Whitecap has since provided external support with ongoing strategic assistance and monitoring of the business plan and its objectives across the organisation.

H E Barnes are a successful and growing mechanical and engineering company taking the foresight to develop a suitable business plan for their period of growth. We worked alongside the senior leadership to support in this business planning process helping them to: develop suitable objectives, articulate the plan and implement its requirements – Stefan Haase, Director, Whitecap Consulting.

"Whitecap had the expertise in strategic growth and business planning to support us in this project. They took a professional approach and went through the necessary steps to help us find the right information, make suitable strategic choices and implement the plan"
H E Barnes

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