Through the Documobi API, consumers can send P2P messages by embedding user-generated content (video, audio, social) into digital and printed media, allowing consumers to scan and share content in a brand-controlled environment.

Having spent time developing an innovative product, Documobi looked to improve their core messaging and presentation of their proposition.

Whitecap was asked to develop an impactful commercial presentation for Documobi that clearly articulated what the company, and product could offer to prospective distribution partners and investors. To support this, Whitecap facilitated the development of commercial objectives and managing framework, as well as directed the design of marketing collateral. Furthermore, Whitecap also developed a strategic shift in targeting a new set of customers for Documobi – from print customers, to end brands, marketing agencies, and digital agencies that could distribute their service to a broader UK and international client base. 

“Documobi desired a new proposition and route to market strategy for their highly innovative product. We provided clarity in how to effectively present themselves, as well as support Documobi to a new market of buyers and partners.”
Richard Coates, Managing Director, Whitecap Consulting.


"Whitecap’s quality and speed of output is remarkable! They have completely changed our go-to-market strategy and our marketing collateral now has structure, substance and gravitas.”
Peter Lancaster, CEO, Documobi

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