Lessons from the fall of Monitor Group

This post was written by Jake Fox on January 10, 2013

The world of strategy has been deep in debate of late, because the brainchild of one of its best known gurus has been proven to be flawed, thus bringing the validity of some of his long respected theories into question. Monitor Group was a strategy consulting firm set up by probably the most famous strategist […]

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Brands and Social Media Honesty

This post was written by Jake Fox on December 9, 2012

I read a really interesting blog by a chap called Jonathan MacDonald the other day, as he discussed ‘The Fallacy of Social Media’. What sparked his thinking was a recent video that Bodyform released as a response to a member of the public’s comment on Bodyform’s Facebook page. At length, Jonathan discusses the validity about […]

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Can you brand customer service?

This post was written by Jake Fox on December 2, 2012

Most businesses, especially those in the travel and tourism sector, understand that customer experience is key to their success. A company’s reputation, its image, its ‘brand’, hangs on the way customers are treated and managed at every stage of their interaction with the company. The idea of a brand for any customer service orientated business […]

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