Arquella is a startup health data company that is developing solutions for the non-acute care market.

Its groundbreaking approach delivers support to care providers in multiple care delivery environments and settings. The non-acute care market is complex, fragmented and traditional. This complexity required significant analysis, in order to shape the market proposition in an effective way. But, like most startups, the resource and skillsets required to achieve this task were not available within the team.

“Our decision to engage Whitecap Consulting to conduct this piece of work has proven to be one of the most important early decisions we have made. The quality of work and deep insight was beyond expectations. What particularly impressed us, what that the research was framed in such a way as to be relevant for our particular stage of growth. This provided key insights which have directly reshaped our journey. The ability for Whitecap to bring a critical review to our strategic direction was a hugely valuable intervention.”
Paul Howell, CEO, Arquella

“The quality of work and deep insight was beyond expectations."
Paul Howell, CEO, Arquella

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