About 10 years ago, technology and, to some extent, innovation were in the hands of the ‘techies’ and product teams and rarely involved corporate boards or SME management teams. However, as technology is now touching everything we do, organisations have realised (sometimes painfully or too late) that both technology and innovation need to be central elements of every organisational strategy; as without them the entity may experience short-term stagnation and long-term failure.

Those organisations who embrace technology and drive innovation and have digitally transform their operations not only ensure they remain relevant, but they typically open up new markets, sectors and revenue streams that were previously difficult to obtain.

Topics such as cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS) and data analytics are almost ubiquitous in today’s business operations and will soon be joined by new technologies including Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, high-performance computing and quantum technology, Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.

Whitecap’s involvement in Technology & Innovation

As a consultancy with a sector agnostic focus on commercial strategy and expertise in technology, we have been engaged in numerous tech strategy projects as well as working on specific emerging tech sectors such as FinTech, HealthTech, RetailTech or EduTech. We are working with a wide range of organisations helping them understand the role that technology can play in their future strategy.

Typical tech related projects we are asked to support relate to:

  • Digital transformation
  • IT sourcing strategy
  • Cloud strategy
  • Tech tender process management & Vendor selection
  • Tech market entry strategy
  • Technology review
  • Tech innovation strategy
  • Future capability assessment
  • Cybersecurity, Data & Compliance strategy
  • Business continuity & DR strategy

Central to these, is understanding how technology development and delivery can enable an organisation to achieve its commercial and organisational aims quickly and effectively; helping clients make the right choices about the technology available to them and, increasingly, collaboration opportunities.

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