Helping organisations grow effectively and profitably is a consistent theme across all client assignments. This can be over a 3-month planning horizon to support high growth firms become established, or with a particular commercial initiative, event or transaction. Or this can be over a 3-year planning horizon to address issues of long-term business strategy.

Understanding internal capabilities and appetite, as well as external market context, customer needs and behaviours, regulation, technology development and competition, are all essential components. Having determined the growth strategy, focusing, engaging and aligning the organisation to deliver the selected strategy are critical for successful implementation.

In working with clients, we have considerable experience in helping organisations with different business models at different stages of the growth cycle, including.

Service Lines

Business Strategy

Helping organisations analyse and select growth options, identifying key strategic initiatives and planning for implementation…

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M&A Support

Market attractiveness, acquisition target identification and commercial due diligence for organisations and investors…

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Innovation Strategy

“Innovation” is defined in many ways and covers a broad spectrum that includes technologies, products, services, processes, distribution, value chains…

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