We often hear that there is no shortage of investment capital available to support the growth of start-ups, scale-ups and more mature SMEs, but that it can be hard for investors to find the right ‘home’ for this capital.

Similarly, there are plenty of entrepreneurs, owner-operators and senior management teams of exciting businesses who can find it frustrating to locate the right investors or to tell their story in the right way.

Whitecap works both with investors and SMEs to support high quality decision making: pre-investment; in-investment and post-investment.

Getting businesses investment ready – ideally engaging 1-2 years ahead of an exit or investment event, to ensure the strategic roadmap is demonstrably rooted in market context, that all assumptions can be evidenced and that the revenue forecast is robust, credible and clear.

Performing commercial due diligence on behalf of potential investors, post exclusivity agreement and pre-investment – providing a review and assessment of the business’ assumption set, covering external market risks, internal performance risks and for larger pieces of work also covering a broad and deep market and competitor analysis and laying out the recommendations for the ongoing strategic agenda for the business.

Working with investors, post-investment, to support the performance of their portfolio companies and to help the management teams of those PortCos accelerate profitable growth. Typically involving: market assessment, proposition development and the investment roadmap.

Whitecap’s involvement in Corporate Finance & PE

Whitecap has performed commercial due diligence on behalf of investors in respect of a number of transactions since 2017. In each case the businesses were seeking funding (cheque sizes ranging from £1m-£7m) to accelerate growth plans in markets that were open to disruption, and all had propositions based on the deployment of digital technology.

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