As with many sectors, Consumer, Retail and Leisure sectors are experiencing significant disruption and change, driven by consumer expectations, rapidly evolving technology and stiff, ever-present competition.

As a result, we are seeing a ‘polorisation’ in these markets. On one hand, there is the push for an enhanced, deeper and more enjoyable customer experience. Whilst at the same time, there is also a push for more efficient transactional processing and interaction.

Both, to some extent underpinned and enabled by digital channels and technology, albeit it at different stages of the buying and experience journey, potentially. Some organisations are taking their first steps with digital transformation and trying to balance and align analogue and digital worlds, whilst others are on their second or third digital iteration and driving performance and advanced enhancements.

Whitecap’s involvement in Consumer, Retail & Leisure

We have worked with several clients helping develop physical retail strategies as well as driving digital performance. These have included a convenience retail brand, a stationer, a jewellery division of a diverse regional company, an aspiring international pizza brand, a fashion retailer and a digital ecommerce platform organisation.

Understanding and aligning customer needs, business model drivers and competitive differentiation are all essential components of designing and delivering a successful strategy in these experience driven sectors.

Whitecap is also a long-standing member of the Association of Outdoor Industries, and regularly participates in industry events.

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