In the second in a series of webinars, Whitecap and Underpin discuss the challenges of improving performance for individuals and businesses, drawing parallels and lessons from the world of elite sport.

This session was co-hosted by Whitecap Consulting and Underpin, as part of a series focused on the common ground between the world of business and elite sport, most notably the desire to improve performance to the highest level possible. Whitecap is a regional strategy consultancy, working with established organisations across multiple sectors seeking to improve their commercial performance by analysing, developing and implementing growth strategies. Underpin is a sports performance business, working with professional golfers to improve their mental performance & support them off course. They are supported by a network of corporate partners who engage with Underpin to develop their mental & human performance on an individual & team basis, from tomorrow’s leaders through to current management level.

Covid has made it hard to perform at the highest level, and in our first webinar we considered how individuals and businesses can achieve and maintain a high level of performance when working in challenging conditions.

In this session we focus on video meetings and how to make them as productive and useful as possible.

Key topics covered include:

  • How do you generate energy ‘in the room’ when delivering a presentation or conducting a meeting via Zoom?
  • How do you retain the focus of your audience and generate the outputs you desire from the session?
  • How do you retain your own focus and concentration across multiple video meetings?

Some soundbites from the discussion include:

“From the perspective of businesses and business leaders, having productive meetings is really important, and unproductive meetings are destroying value for all involved.”

“If a meeting is important enough to be in the diary, then it is important enough to be present in it and give it your full attention.”

“You can’t perform continually through the day, but if you have meetings then you should consider them to be performances that you should give your best at – just like a golfer has to focus on playing shots / holes within a round of golf. It’s about having focus and self discipline. You’ve got to be in the present to do that.”

From a Whitecap perspective, as a strategy consulting firm, we are well aware that having a great strategy is of no value at all without effective implementation. It is also vitally important that everyone is clear on the objective of a strategy before it is implemented. In a similar vein, stating the meeting objective and outlining the expectations of attendees at the start of a meeting is a common sense approach.

We hope you enjoy the session, which is just over 30 minutes long. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics for future sessions, including whether you would like to engage in directly via a live session with the opportunity to pose your own questions and engage in the discussion. Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Watch the webinar