In the first in a series of webinars, Whitecap and Underpin discuss the challenges of improving performance for individuals and businesses, drawing parallels and lessons from the world of elite sport.

There are many areas of overlap between the world of business and elite sport, with a desire to improve performance to the highest level possible being the most prominent. This is also where Whitecap Consulting and Underpin have much in common. Whitecap is a regional strategy consultancy, working with established organisations across multiple sectors seeking to improve their commercial performance by analysing, developing and implementing growth strategies. Underpin is a sports performance business, working with professional golfers to improve their mental performance & support them off course. They are supported by a network of corporate partners who engage with Underpin to develop their mental & human performance on an individual & team basis, from tomorrow’s leaders through to current management level.

In this session, Whitecap’s Julian Wells of Whitecap asks the questions and Duncan McCarthy of Underpin shares his insights from his work with professional golfers and businesses.

Questions posed include:

  • How can we best approach the challenging conditions where for most the variety in our individual and working lives is less than it ever has been?
  • How hard is it to perform at your best in the current climate?

During the conversation, Duncan highlights that there are three perspectives you can look at the world through: past, present and future. While the past can help you analyse your performance, and the future represents an opportunity to improve it, the only way you deliver your peak performance at any moment in time is by focusing on the present. Julian reflects that this has many parallels with Whitecap’s strategy work, where analysis of past performance is an input into future strategy and plans, but effective implementation is critical to achieving results.

Duncan also advocates asking three key questions, to help analyse performance and prepare for future improvement:

  • What am I proud of?
  • What have I learned?
  • What’s next?

We hope you enjoy the session, which is just over 30 minutes long. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics for future sessions, and would particularly like to know if you would like to engage in directly via a live session with the opportunity to pose your own questions and engage in the discussion. Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Watch the webinar