If you have been involved in the launch of a new entrant to the mortgage lending market in the UK, please could you take 6 minutes to complete a short online survey?

Julian Wells, Whitecap’s Practice Lead for FinTech and Financial Services, is conducting a programme of research as part of a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) course at Leeds Business School (part of Leeds Beckett University).

The research aims to answer the following question:

Why are certain strategic management models adopted by FinTech new entrants to the residential mortgage lending market, and how effective are they at meeting the business needs?

Key areas of focus within the research include: strategy, business models, innovation and technology, ecosystems, innovation clusters, FinTech, and competitive advantage.

The research objectives are:

  • Identify different strategic choices new entrants in mortgage lending have made in their business models
  • Investigate the factors that cause changes to strategies and business models (particularly looking at the impact of technology and innovation)
  • Explore the strategies and business models (or characteristics of business models) which have created competitive advantage.

Who should take the survey?

Target respondents are individuals who have been involved in some way in the launch of new residential mortgage lending businesses in the UK. These individuals could have been involved with new mortgage lenders in roles such as:

  • Founders / employees
  • Consultants / advisors
  • Distribution partners (eg mortgage intermediaries)
  • Technology providers
  • Providers of other support services
The survey on average takes 6 minutes to complete and your time and input is much appreciated.
Thank you.