Most businesses, especially those in the travel and tourism sector, understand that customer experience is key to their success. A company’s reputation, its image, its ‘brand’, hangs on the way customers are treated and managed at every stage of their interaction with the company.

The idea of a brand for any customer service orientated business is a contentious one. Brands as we now think of them originated in the FMCG sector, where they are attached to highly standardised, repeatable products. These goods provide a consistent level of quality and performance, which becomes associated with the brand.

But when you’re dealing with individual, personal interactions, it’s much more difficult to achieve consistency. Your people are your brand representatives, and the service they provide to customers directly influences the impression each customer forms of your business. It means your brand image rests on the individual personalities and qualities of your people. Delivering a consistent brand experience in such an environment is a real challenge.

The answer lies in effective recruitment, high-quality training and clear communication to develop the culture and mindset you want to build. It relies on highly motivated people who are engaged and proud of the business and want to give customers the best possible experience.