FinTech North supports and helps to grow the FinTech community in the UK's Northern Powerhouse by hosting high quality events and connecting all parts of the FinTech ecosystem to create jobs, growth and attract investment.

Since 2016, FinTech North has hosted over 30 events, attracting over 3000 delegates, and numerous speakers, sponsors and advocates from across the FinTech industry.

Following two successful annual conferences held as part of Leeds Digital Festival in Spring 2016 and 2017, FinTech North was incorporated in December 2017 with Whitecap Consulting being a 50% shareholder, in partnership with White Label Crowdfunding, a Leeds-based Peer to Peer technology provider.

In 2018 FinTech North delivered a programme of seminars and conferences across the north of England in locations including Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Harrogate.

FinTech North operates on a not-for-profit basis. Funding for organising, promoting and delivering events is generated from commercial sponsorship, mainly from the private sector. FinTech North also has a number of partnerships with like-minded organisations.

In addition to events, FinTech North also aims to expand the range of activities it is involved in, including supporting FinTech skills initiatives, further content development and sharing, and the creation of a network of FinTech hubs.

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