Modern manufacturing and technical organisations showcase deep expertise from years of successfully competing in international markets. The sector is driven by lean, globally connected, process driven companies with product ranges that may have been iterated over decades or in some cases, accelerated to market over the last 5 years.

Leading companies in this sector are driving growth by:

  • Increasing their shareholder value by aligning strategies to future market trends such as electrification or domestic Asia markets
  • Rapidly innovating with the customer driven insight, using lean product development techniques
  • Simplifying the complexity of managing international supply chains and matrix management structures
  • Developing agility to cope with quick-fire rises and dips in market demand, so called ‘super-cycles’
  • Aligning digital strategy, taking advantage of Industry 4.0 and the technical capability to process ‘Big Data’
Whitecap’s involvement in Manufacturing & Engineering

Whitecap supports businesses throughout the business planning cycle, where a company may have a strategic or commercial programme management resource gap. We are skilled in commercial due diligence through customer, market, competitor and strategic position analysis, supporting transformation of product and market strategies.

Whitecap builds effective growth scenarios and detailed business plans, deploying and cascading strategy using modern balanced scorecard execution techniques to empower teams and motivate individuals.

We are also skilled in programme managing change initiatives including sales and key account strategy, innovation process, technology commercialisation, digital transformation and marketing communications.

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