A new report from Whitecap Consulting, published in partnership with City of York Council and University of York, claims the development of a business accelerator would position York as an entrepreneurial location and a key part of the wider innovation ecosystem across the north.

The report, commonly referred to as the ‘York Accelerator Report’, is the result of a consultative process over recent months involving approximately 100 stakeholders, and assessed the appetite and opportunity for a business accelerator to deliver job growth, attract new inward investment and to support the expansion of York’s innovation and technology ecosystem. It found that an accelerator could enable and support tech startups to succeed in the city and attract additional high-value inward investment.

The York Accelerator report both reinforces the strengths of York and highlights the areas where more needs to be done to support start-ups and business growth in the city, particularly important now as York has been hit hard by Covid-19 and the effects that it has had on mass-employment sectors such as hospitality. The business accelerator can contribute towards York’s recovery from the pandemic and also ensure the sustainability of the city’s economy through diversifying the sectors that provide most income and jobs and helping to retain and attract talent. A support network from the entire ecosystem will be crucial for the success of the accelerator as well as finding suitable space and funding in order to make this work.

See the attachment at the top of the page to download the report or visit the press release for more information on the publication and its launch webinar here.