The North East can offer growing FinTech firms a highly attractive base from which to build their future growth, according to a new report from Whitecap Consulting.

This is the first in a series of five regional FinTech reports to be published by Whitecap Consulting in 2020, before analyses of the  West Midlands, Leeds City Region, Bristol & Bath and Greater Manchester. The research was co-funded and supported by a number of prominent organisations in the North East, including Sage, Newcastle Strategic Solutions, Newcastle City Council, Business Durham, Newcastle University, Dynamo North East, and FinTech North.

The report has identified 58 active firms in the North East FinTech sector, 17 of which are startups and scaleups, the second highest proportion of the five regions in the series. Whitecap estimates the North East has capacity to host at least twice as many FinTechs. The report also estimates there are over 3,000 people in FinTech related roles in the North East, with 53,000 employed overall in the financial services and technology sectors across the region.

See the attachment at the top of the page to download the report or visit the press release for more information on the publication here.