Key Objectives & Research Scope

  1. Map the current Technology sector in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.
  2. Engage with key stakeholders to obtain qualitative input and insights through interviews.
  3. Identify the capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and investment opportunities of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.
  4. Understand the need and opportunity for enabling and supporting entrepreneurship and start-ups.
  5. Understand the landscape and opportunity around ‘tech for a purpose’ (i.e. sustainability, health, space, etc), as distinct from general tech development or support.
  6. Understand the needs of tech ecosystem in terms of talent and skills as well as the role that local education providers can play going forward in helping MK tech sector to thrive.
  7. Understand where the areas of current and potential future competitive advantage lie, as well as the risks (e.g talent shortage).
  8. Understand where MK and its surrounds might have develop its distinctive capabilities and contribution (not least as part of the Oxford-MK-Cambridge corridor).
  9. Provide recommendations on how the technology sector in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas can collaborate.

Project Documents

Project proposal: Milton Keynes Tech_Proposal Document_March 2022

Project plan: MK Project Plan March