Whitecap is delighted to have been appointed to conduct an analysis of the tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes has a productive, resilient economy with one of the highest start-up rates in the UK and is home to many large established businesses. Sitting at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, digital tech will be important to Milton Keynes’ future economic strength.

Commissioned by Open UniversitySantanderMilton Keynes CouncilMazars and Milton Keynes CollegeWhitecap Consulting is working in partnership with Protospace to conduct an analysis of the digital tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes. The purpose of the analysis is to understand the capabilities and assets in Milton Keynes, and to determine what is required to support the digital tech sector to grow. To find out more background about the project, please view the Milton Keynes Digital Tech Proposal Document_January 2022.

Whitecap has led on a range of key research reports across the UK, including regionally focused FinTech, LegalTech, accelerator and funding reports, all of which can be accessed here.

This report is being supported through a crowdfunding approach, a model which has proved successful for Whitecap’s other UK reports. If you are interested in taking part in the project and/or supporting as a sponsorship partner, please contact us via [email protected]

Oliver Waters, co-founder at Protospace:
“The technology sector in Milton Keynes is growing rapidly – and Milton Keynes provides a convenient, connected and forward-thinking environment for innovation and technology driven businesses. At Protospace we believe this report will be an important resource for the understanding and strategic development of the tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes.”

Alex Warner, Milton Keynes College:
“MK college remains very committed to supporting the works that Whitecap is leading. This is really important to the Institute of Technology and development of education pathways across MK. Both the IoT and College look forward to hearing next steps.” (Needs signing off)

 Alan Frost, Partner, Mazars:
“We are proud to be a part of and are active members of the Milton Keynes community. We’re passionate about supporting key business networks, to help build a prosperous city and future for its people. We are therefore excited to support this Analysis such that we can collectively understand how the tech ecosystem can develop and grow to support the growth of Milton Keynes.”

Mark Homans, Title, Santander:
“We’re very excited to be sponsoring the Milton Keynes Tech Ecosystem Analysis project. Santander has been firmly established in the Milton Keynes community for decades, and with Unity Place being opening next year we will have world-class home for Santander which both our colleagues and the local community can take pride in. Milton Keynes is already one the UK’s leading technology centres and with several innovative education and training providers on our doorstep, we hope it will be a real magnet for technology talent. We look forward to working with Whitecap and the wider team on the project so that we can continue participating and supporting the growth of Milton Keynes’ Tech Ecosystem.” (Needs signing off)

Jake Yeo, Director of Research & Enterprise at The Open University says:
“The analysis of the Milton Keynes Tech ecosystem will help to better understand the current landscape with regards to collaboration and connectivity amongst the entrepreneur and start-up community, whilst highlighting where MK and its surrounds might have the opportunity to develop its distinctive capabilities and contribution both locally and more widely, with tech as a key enabler/accelerator.” (Needs signing off)