We were proud to have our own Whitecap Director Lal Tawney (right) featuring in the Tour de Yorkshire last weekend. The Tour, took place from 3-6 May 2018 and featured four days of world class road cycling across Yorkshire.


Last year, Lal, Michelle, Chris and Amanda cycled from London to Paris, just to prove that they could!  This year they’re cycling over 450 miles across 3 nations (Tour de Yorkshire, Loire Valley and Wales Velo) and they’ve decided to try and raise some funds for a worthwhile cause.


Lal said “Most of us know someone who has had to deal with a cancer diagnosis, the NHS do a great job in providing treatment and support for their patients and organisations such as the Rosemere Trust (https://www.rosemere.org.uk/) providing much needed additional support to help sufferers through their journey.  Someone close to our friendship circle had the benefit of the support of the Rosemere Trust in her hour of need and we’d like to encourage you to give generously to support them.”



The Rosemere Cancer Foundation supports world class cancer treatment throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Our aim is to work in partnership with local clinical staff to achieve the best possible care for cancer patients in Lancashire and South Cumbria wherever they are treated.  We seek to do this by:

  • Funding cutting edge equipment to help clinicians remain at the forefront of the fight against cancer.
  • Supporting innovative ways to take the fear out of cancer for patients and their families during their treatment, making it as comfortable and stress free as possible.
  • Backing local research projects that help improve our understanding of cancer and how it can be better diagnosed and treated.
  • Facilitating top quality training to help clinical staff treating cancer patients be the very best they can be.