Richard Coates, Founder & Managing Director of Whitecap Consulting, will be the guest speaker at the Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership (MKBLP) online roundtable on Thursday 14th May 2020.

At the session, a group of invited guests will discuss the potential recovery trajectory for businesses after COVID-19, different approaches across various sectors and business models, and the potential strategies organisations may consider.

MKBLP hosts various events including regular Business Breakfasts where invited speakers from Milton Keynes and the local area, members and guests meet for briefings on key issues affecting business in the city.  Details of the event can be found here.

The synopsis for the session is below:

Amid all the distressing, highly concerning and negative daily news, there are some indicators of a desire for businesses to grow and bounce back from Coronavirus.

A recent survey of 500 SMEs by Bibby Financial Services reported that of the respondents:

  • 32% will grow once lockdown is over and people can return to work / the high street
  • 19% will grow once it is clear that we are through the virus pandemic
  • 16% have no plans for growth, just want to return to business as usual
  • 12% think it is too early to know
  • 10% don’t expect to grow again for the foreseeable future 7% are already planning to grow despite the virus pandemic 4% will grow as soon as government grants come through

What is less clear is the long-term impact, and degree to which businesses and markets will bounce back and over what time period.

London based Sapio Research recently published an assessment of the potential market “winners and losers in the short term”. They highlighted the potential winners as medical supply and associated services, food processing and retail, personal and healthcare, information technology, and e-commerce.

Neutral markets in their assessment included agriculture, oil and gas, education and financial services. And the potential ‘losers’ included manufacturing construction, automotive, aviation and maritime, and tourism and leisure; many of which will likely experience longer-term negative impacts and will be much slower to recover, with several business failures on the way.

The roundtable will discuss the potential recovery trajectory, different approaches across various sectors and business models, timetable and the potential strategies organisations may consider.







Richard Coates, Founder & Managing Director, Whitecap Consulting

If you would like to discuss this roundtable topic or are interested in having Whitecap speak at a future event, please contact us.