Supported by Mazars, Milton Keynes College, Milton Keynes Council, The Open University, Santander and The University of Buckingham, Whitecap Consulting is working in partnership with Protospace to conduct an analysis of the tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes. The project is now underway and will culminate in a report published in June this year.

Led by Whitecap, the research project will draw together data and insight from across the tech sector, combining national and regional sources including key economic data. At its heart will be detailed analysis, case studies and recommendations, with a focus on sector strengths, weaknesses to address, opportunities, specialisms, tech hubs, themes and trends.

Whitecap has led on a range of key research reports across the UK including regionally focused FinTech, LegalTech, accelerator and funding reports. The MK Tech Ecosystem report would be freely available alongside Whitecap’s extensive sector publications which can be found here:

Milton Keynes has a productive, resilient economy with one of the highest start-up rates in the UK and is home to many large established businesses. Sitting at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and with planned developments such as the regeneration of the rail service connecting Oxford to Milton Keynes, digital tech will be important to Milton Keynes’ future economic strength.

Oliver Waters, co-founder at Protospace says:
“The technology sector in Milton Keynes is growing rapidly – and Milton Keynes provides a convenient, connected and forward-thinking environment for innovation and technology driven businesses. At Protospace we believe this report will be an important resource for the understanding and strategic development of the tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes.”

Jake Yeo, Director of Research & Enterprise at The Open University says:
“Having been in Milton Keynes since it was founded, The Open University will continue to play its part in the growth and success of Milton Keynes. With tech at the heart of Milton Keynes, and a key enabler of societal development and innovation, the analysis of the ecosystem will help to better understand the current tech landscape with regards to collaboration and connectivity, whilst highlighting where Milton Keynes might have the opportunity to develop its distinctive capabilities and contribution both locally and more widely.”

Cllr Robin Bradburn, Deputy Leader of MK Council says:
“We have a productive, resilient economy and unemployment is low compared with other UK cities. Sitting at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, digital, engineering and technology will be important to our future economic strength. We’re pleased to be supporting this project as it will strengthen our position to capitalise on future tech opportunities and ensure a fair and balanced recovery.”

Alex Warner, Principal of Milton Keynes College says:
“Both Milton Keynes College Group and South-Central Institute of Technology are delighted to be partnering with this work. We believe that it is a vital piece of analysis to support the growth and development of tech-education provision across Milton Keynes and to support conversation across the wider Southeast Midlands and Thames Valley regions. Both the Institute of Technology and MK College look forward to supporting the project and hearing the conclusions and recommendations.”

Alan Frost, Partner at Mazars says:
“We are proud to be a part of and are active members of the Milton Keynes community. We’re passionate about supporting key business networks, to help build a prosperous city and future for its people. We are therefore excited to support this Analysis such that we can collectively understand how the tech ecosystem can develop and grow to support the growth of Milton Keynes.” 

Professor Harin Sellahewa, Dean of Faculty of Computing, Law and Psychology at The University of Buckingham says:
“Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing towns or cities in the UK and is the home to a large number of organisations that focus on advanced digital technologies. The analysis of this tech ecosystem will enable enhanced collaboration, knowledge exchange, innovation and skills needed for Milton Keynes to be a leader in the digital technology sector. As one of its nearest neighbours with an academic centre in the heart of Milton Keynes, the University of Buckingham has a strong interest in the success of Milton Keynes and are delighted to support the MK Tech Ecosystem Analysis.”

Lal Tawney, Director at Whitecap Consulting says:
“Discussions with local organisations and stakeholders about the Milton Keynes Tech analysis have been overwhelmingly positive and I’m pleased to have the support of multiple key organisations within the region. We are looking forward to working with Protospace and our sponsors to analyse the sector, and to recommend how to develop Milton Keynes’ digital tech ecosystem going forward.” 

As a freely available report, the project requires several “crowdfunding” partners. The report will offer regional and national exposure for supporting organisations, enhancing association with innovation and positioning as an active supporter of the regional technology sector. Partners will also have the opportunity to provide input and feedback which may offer opportunities to gain additional strategic insights as a part of the research.

If you are interested in taking part in the project and/or supporting as a sponsorship partner, please contact [email protected] for more information. To view the project objectives and scope, please see our project proposal: Milton Keynes Tech_Proposal Document_March 2022