In early July, Whitecap hosted a Business Insider Magazine’s ‘Growth Leaders Roundtable’ at our head office in Leeds, welcoming a group of local business leaders to discuss how senior executives manage strategic planning, whilst balancing other pressing commercial and business challenges.

Attendees, including representatives from  Grant Thornton, Barclays, FreethsVapour Media, Paxman Coolers and Equiniti Credit Services, spent the morning engaged in an extremely valuable discussion covering amongst other topics, strategy execution, planning and the importance of maintaining flexibility in the strategic process.

Richard Coates, Whitecap’s Managing Director who co-hosted the event said,

“This roundtable was an excellent chance to hear from a broad range of local business leaders across various industry sectors on how they lead and manage their strategy every day. And, how they balance the strategy planning process alongside their many other responsibilities. It was hugely valuable for us at Whitecap to hear these different perspectives and to share with the group our own view on best practice in strategy development and delivery.”

Business Insider Magazine has been hosting the Growth Leaders Roundtable for a number of month’s now. The session has also been hosted by sponsors; Freeths, Barclays and Grant Thornton.

You can read the full feature in the August edition of Yorkshire Business Insider.