In 1999 Bernd Schmitt (Experiential Marketing, The Free Press) wrote:

“Today customers take the functional features and benefits, product quality; and a positive brand image as a given. What they want is products communications, and marketing campaigns that dazzle their senses, touch their hearts and stimulate their minds”

How far have most businesses come on this journey? Is your business still focusing on features and benefits, mass-market communications and campaigns?

Of course, in some sectors “customer experience” is fundamental and core, such as travel, hotels, sailing and skiing… although this can be taken for granted and not fully leveraged.

We believe that delivering an excellent and valued experience is essential for any brand operating and competing in today’s market (irrespective of market sector); where customers have high expectations, a desire for immediacy and multi-channel access for sales, service and comment at their fingertips.

We specialise in helping business where customer and brand experience are core ingredients of the business proposition; this is because we understand consumer passion and the demand for experience – and its value.