This article was originally published on on Monday 19th May 2014 – click here to view it.

YORKSHIRE-based Costcutter Supermarkets Group is establishing a portfolio of three core brands – Costcutter, Kwiksave and Mace. The move follows a strategic review of the group’s brands to ensure that each of them has a clear and valued proposition.

Costcutter Supermarkets Group, which is headquartered in Dunnington, is predominantly a franchise business, with more than 2,500 convenience stores throughout the UK.

The group’s new brand portfolio approach is supported by the findings of the Mintel Convenience Stores Report (April 2014) which reports that Costcutter Supermarkets Group’s multi fascia strategy offers a ‘competitive advantage’ over rivals. The report also stated that Costcutter Supermarkets Group recorded the fastest growth in market share within the convenience sector, establishing the business as the second largest symbol group.

Your Store, which was acquired as part of the transfer of Mace from Palmer and Harvey in 2013, will continue to be phased out and replaced with Mace, and Supershop in Northern Ireland.

Richard Coates, marketing director for Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “This updated brand strategy sets our course for the next five years. A portfolio of strong, differentiated brands is key to enabling our members to continue developing their businesses and for us as a group to achieve our store growth objective.

“All of the brands will continue to focus on serving their communities but will each have their own brand propositions and personalities to differentiate them from each other, and crucially from other convenience offers.”


This article was originally published on on Monday 19th May 2014 – click here to view it.

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