Whilst there may be some similarities across the organisations we work with, each has different challenges and different needs. Therefore, every assignment is unique and a ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not work. We flex and adapt to work with clients to deliver what they need, and don’t ask them to fit into a rigid consultancy engagement model.

Our Directors and Associates have considerable experience in organisations, market sectors and disciplines. As a result, we approach assignments in a hands-on and pragmatic way, always trying to operate an extension of the client team, whilst at the same time providing independent challenge.

The way we execute a personalised and effective service is through systematically spending time in key areas of the consulting process. An example client assignment may develop through the following steps:

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Understanding the organisation is of course essential, in particular its history, culture, operating model, its position in, and the nature of the market, competitors, historic and recent P&L performance, current critical issues and the appetite for growth, investment and risk.

Appraisal & Analysis

Defining and assessing the specific challenges and opportunities to be addressed is central to any engagement, analysing relevant internal and external sources available. Also as part of this process we would typically ask the leadership team to complete our propriety strategy survey to help assess the current degree of alignment around the top table.

Options & Implications

Developing, documenting and recommending the strategy options and operational, financial, resource, regulatory and sometimes business model implications, represents the significant part of many assignments with clients; considering the length of time available for the strategy to evolve, and the commercial and leadership objectives.


Arguably the easy part is to write the strategy, but it is often much more difficult, and important to execute it and keep the daily work across all functions connected and driving it, especially over a long period of time. We work with clients to develop strategies, and we also help clients implement strategies that other consultancies have created.