FinTech West is the representative body for FinTech in the South West and part of the FinTech National Network. It operates a community open to anyone interested in FinTech and, as such, has built up a large and diverse group consisting of over 3,000 people.

FinTech West’s activities are wide ranging with a great deal of work happening behind the scenes including the more obvious public events to inform and educate. There are a number of ongoing initiatives, usually undertaken in partnership, which seek to help promote and grow the opportunity for FinTech regionally, nationally and internationally. Core activities in these initiatives are usually seeking to bring together the community to help solve key challenges such as generating more job opportunities, providing easier access to funding (especially underserved communities) and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

FinTech West operates with core objectives to:

  • Connect and inform the FinTech community in the South West
  • Promote the South West as a FinTech centre of excellence and help develop the sector
  • Add value to and help generate regional economic benefit
  • Align to the development of the national FinTech sector

There is no charge for “membership” of the community, and all are welcome to get involved whether attending events of interest, seeking advice, searching for funding or looking for other forms of support or advice.  FinTech West relies on donations, sponsorship and project work to fund its work as well as the support of those in the community who give up their valuable time to help progress various activities.

During 2022-23, FinTech West has engaged in a wide variety of regionally focused initiatives, including:

  • leading coalition work with CFIT (Centre for Finance, Innovation & Technology) on Open Finance
  • being involved as “co-investigators” alongside the University of Bristol for the successful ERSC innovation accelerator bid (Future Finance For All)
  • arranging industry engagement as part of the UWE FinTech MSc course and engaging with MSc students taking roles as part of FinTech West activities
  • launching FinTech West – South Coast in collaboration with BCP Council and Dorset LEP
  • exploring potential solutions to assist underserved founders obtaining funding and promoting EDI within FinTech businesses

A growing number of events have taken place with an increasing focus on interactive discussion around specific topics which has drawn notable positive feedback from attendees. With around 3,000 having now signed up for FinTech West events, and a greater dispersion across the region, they remain a popular and successful way to disseminate information and engage with the community.

For more information about FinTech West, please contact:
[email protected]