Whitecap Capital was created and incorporated in early 2019 to help early stage and growing businesses benefit from strategic and commercial support in situations where they are unable to allocate precious financial resources to professional advisors.

In the process of Whitecap Consulting client engagements and through our activities with FinTech North, we regularly meet start-ups, scale-up and SMEs who would benefit from on-going support, but simply don’t have the resources to pay consultancy fees.

Whitecap Capital has been formed to provide consultancy support from the experienced team at Whitecap Consulting, in exchange for equity in the firm. This approach forms a long-term relationship between the organisations and the nature of the support evolves as the company grows and faces new challenges.

These could include support with funding rounds, provision of market and competitor analysis, customer needs analysis, market segmentation, structured growth planning, market entry and market development strategies, strategic marketing and commercial development.

In delivering tangible support, Whitecap develop a detailed understating of the company’s proposition and ambitions, and in doing so, effectively operates as an extension of the company’s senior management team.

For more information about Whitecap Capital, please contact: [email protected]

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