Whitecap Strategy Survey

Complete our online strategy survey now and receive an instant summary of your results via email.

This survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and has been developed to help business leaders, directors and senior managers of all sizes of business to undertake a self-appraisal of their business strategy.

We developed the survey as a free tool for you and your senior team to use to gauge the effectiveness of your strategy alignment, communication and implementation. If you would like a no obligation appraisal of the overall results across the board / senior leadership team, please contact us.

About the survey

There are 20 mandatory multiple choice questions and 4 optional comment opportunities. There are also some questions where we ask for your contact details and other company information, so we can send your results and categorise and benchmark the data.

The survey covers the following sections:

  • MARKET: market awareness, trends, competition & customer needs
  • STRATEGY & PLANNING: clarity of company aims and link to business plans
  • STRATEGY IN ACTION: company aims driving priorities, with resources and skills
  • COMMUNICATION: common view of ambitions and degree of internal alignment

The answers will also be captured and analysed to examine overall trends and insights across company sizes, sectors and other benchmarking criteria. Company results, company names and individual names will remain anonymous.

Upon completing the survey you will immediately receive an e-mail summary of your answers. We are happy for one or multiple respondents from the same organisation to complete the survey.

You can complete the survey online or on a mobile, where it will render in a mobile-friendly format (you need to complete it where you start it though – if you start it online it won’t save for later completion on a mobile)

If you have any queries or would like to conduct a bespoke version of the survey amongst your own management team please contact us.