Andrew Campbell

Associate, Digital & CRM

Andrew has a passion for designing and delivering technology-led marketing solutions that add value for consumers and deliver competitive advantage (and profits) to brand owners.

He has held a number of executive management roles on the client and supply side and now has over 25 years’ experience successfully leveraging technology to deliver marketing goals.

Andrew has successfully combined a career in IT, an MBA (Sheffield Business School) with senior client and agency roles across a wide range of brands and industry sectors. This has given him a broad, strategic and customer-centric perspective on technology and its potential to deliver a step change in marketing performance.

Andrew has a proven track record in growing brands and businesses by delivering improved profit performance through technology-driven and highly targeted marketing programmes. He has significant experience in integrating marketing and IT strategies in practice, thereby helping marketers innovate and differentiate, and businesses operationalise and monetise new technology.

As the new wave of technology hits – with social media, mobile, RFID and the like – brands need skilled and experienced marketers with the vision, creativity, consumer focus and technical literacy to deliver game-changing marketing solutions.

Andrew has the grey hairs, youthful enthusiasm and professional ambition to ride these waves – and has enjoyed the thrill and exhilaration of it all!

Andrew is a lecturer/trainer on a number of Econsultancy courses. He acts as a mentor/coach on the Young Enterprise scheme which supports young people gaining practical experience of setting up and running a business as part of their school studies.

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