Proposition and marketing plan for digital asset management software firm

Third Light is a technology business operating in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) market, providing software that enables its clients to manage their digital media more effectively.

In advance of recruiting additional full time marketing resources, Third Light had a desire to review and assess its current and future marketing plans. The firm had recognised that its current approach relied heavily on senior management input. As a result, the time spent on marketing planning and execution often came at the expense of other strategically important issues.Third Light wanted to review its current approach to marketing, to enhance the way the product set was promoted, increase customer acquisition and improve its approach to communication. Third Light also wanted to develop a launch strategy for future product enhancements.

Whitecap provided a senior marketing resource to lead the work Third Light required, along with the support resources to manage and deliver the activity. Whitecap spent time interviewing key stakeholders within Third Light and assessed their current capabilities in marketing their current product offering.

From there, Whitecap formulated a structured approach to marketing that clearly defined Third Light’s proposition and outlined a process via which it could be effectively delivered to market. This was accompanied by an outline of the skill set required to manage and implement Third Light’s marketing activity. Dedicated campaigns were also developed that targeted key audiences with specifically tailored messaging.

For future product developments, Whitecap created a marketing framework and campaign that clearly expressed the product advantages, how it should be presented and how to manage the customer relationships involved.

“Whitecap Consulting worked closely with our commercial team and helped bring real clarity to the way we present our proposition, particularly helping us to identify and develop a targeted approach to different customer profiles. The marketing plan they provided has been a great asset, and enabled us to confidently recruit new marketing resources” – Michael Wells, Managing Director, Third Light


“Third Light needed external marketing resource to critically assess their proposition. We were able to highlight and develop their USPs and advise them on their future product launch strategy.” – Marie-Élise Loesche, Consultant, Whitecap Consulting.logo-third-light



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