Proposition – The P Word

This post was written by Jake Fox on May 1, 2013

In our recent experience there’s one word on the lips of senior executives we’ve spoken to about their go-to-market and business strategy. It’s not ‘Digital’, ‘Mobile’, or ‘Social’, although all are certainly hot topics. It’s also not ‘Profit’, albeit this is intrinsically important. The word that repeatedly plays a central role in our conversations and […]

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How to construct an elevator pitch

This post was written by Jake Fox on April 26, 2013

Guest article by Bob Apollo of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners: How can you simply and succinctly explain what you do to a potential prospect or other interested party, and make them want to learn more? How can you ensure that your story is consistently communicated in every marketing message and in every sales conversation? The key […]

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Goal-Orientated Strategies

This post was written by Jake Fox on April 12, 2013

In business, goal-orientated strategies, rather than rigid step-by-step plans are almost always the most successful. Instead of setting out a series of prescriptive steps to achieve your objective, a goal-orientated approach gives your managers and teams the flexibility to execute tactics and initiatives, but always within a clearly defined operating framework and with the final […]

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Dictate or delegate – what’s your approach to strategy?

This post was written by Jake Fox on April 9, 2013

So what’s your view of a strategy? Is it a rigid plans, created by the senior leadership team, then cascaded from the top down and then followed methodically and logically? What if market conditions change in between the annual / bi-annual planning cycle, and new opportunities arise or customer demand evolves – none of which […]

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Marketing ROI – The Measure of Success

This post was written by Jake Fox on March 29, 2013

With the UK downgrade in recent months conversations about the economic pressure on businesses have reared their heads again. In marketing circles the standard response is to say that it will put more and more pressure on marketers to prove the return on investment. That’s certainly backed up by our What Works Where in B2B […]

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Hotel Market – 2013 forecast

This post was written by Jake Fox on March 18, 2013

Richard Coates, Managing Director of Whitecap Consulting, is also an Associate of the Hotel Solutions Partnership. Richard recently put some questions to Ian Graham, the CEO, on the publication of PwC’s updated UK Hotels Forecast 2013. We’ve shared their discussion in a Q&A below. This report focuses on the UK market, however the issues highlighted apply […]

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Brand and value: a discussion for the Board

This post was written by Jake Fox on March 11, 2013

Is your brand delivering value to your business? How can you tell and how do you measure this? These are questions that can be aimed at the marketing department but to find the true answer this is a discussion for the boardroom. I’ve worked in marketing for over 15 years and in that time I’ve […]

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A question of trust

This post was written by Jake Fox on February 24, 2013

The saying goes, trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. It’s the foundation of any relationship; be that a marriage, between friends, with a position of authority or indeed a brand. When there is a breach of trust between two parties, the future relationship is at worst, doomed for failure […]

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Outsourcing your Strategy & Planning

This post was written by Jake Fox on February 19, 2013

Over recent years CEOs have become familiar with outsourcing what were once previously considered essential in-house business functions; typically these include IT and more recently HR. We believe this trend will continue as businesses focus on their core activity and the competences that deliver their success. Arguably it is possible to identify two fundamental drivers […]

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Can you see the wood for the trees?

This post was written by Jake Fox on February 9, 2013

As a business leader facing the daily challenges of generating profit, securing new customers, launching new initiatives and leading your team, it’s understandable that you, or the senior management team, may feel there is little time to spend on developing strategic plans for the future. Perhaps you’ve already taken time to develop a mission statement, […]

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